Pestle Needle Therapy

Pestle Needle  therapy  is  a unique chinese medicine needle therapy for patient who does not like the insertion of needle through the skin. This treatment modality is  a non-penetration acupuncture method that utilise the similar chinese medicine foundation  but without skin penetration. A specialised tools are used on specific unique  set of points  combined with specific methods of manipulation to achieve a therapeutic effects . The pestle  needle therapy also known as Taiji Chu Zhen  or Taiji Needle therapy  which is named  after the  origin of this therapy from a Daoist  Hermits in Wu Dang Shan.  This therapy method  has been  passed down through a lineage of Li Er Fei and   now taught by its modern inheritor , Li Zhong Yu, Professor of  Acupuncture at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The treatment  involve rubbing, stroking and pressing on the acupuncture point  or meridian  channel. Similar  chinese medicine theory of yin Yang , five  element and channel system are applied during this treatment therapy. 

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