Moxibustion  is  a form of external  chinese medicine therapy that use ground mugwort leaves as the primary material to heat, burn or fumigate acupuncture points or near the body meridians. The moxibustion  therapy is found accidentally following the  discovery of the fire  and then further advanced with  modification of the herbs medicinal  to achieved better therapeutic  effect  using the channel propensity of the individual herbs. It is often  used independently  or in conjunction with  acupuncture or massage therapy.  

The most common  moxibustion  method is the  moxibustion  using the  moxa stick or moxa cone  in which the ground mugwort leaves is pressed into moxibustion stick or moxibustion  cone . The gold  moxa in the moxa wool contains  better quality and quantity of  the mugwort leaves. Both the  moxibustion wool and moxibustion stick can be used directly on the acupuncture point on the skin. Indirect or insulated moxibustion is another type of moxibustion method where a layer of material (eg.  Ginger, garlic,  salt, Fuzi  or fermented soy bean ) is first placed on the acupoint then the moxa cone is placed on top.  With  the  better understanding  of the herbal  medicine ,  a non fire involvement of the  moxibustion is also invented  by using the  burning or heat property of the herbal medicine to create the heat  and stimulating therapeutic effect on the acupoint. This type of  moxibustion is known as non-combustion medicinal moxibustion which is  often used for chronic condition that required synergistic therapeutic effect from the herbs. 

Mugwort leaves is also known as Ai Ye, it is aromatic, bitter, slightly warm, and non-toxic. In Ben Cao Cong Xin it is recorded that ‘The affect of Ai Ye is pure yang; it can return yang that is verging on expiration, open the twelve channels, mobilize the three yin, rectify blood and qi, expel cold-damp, warm the uterus, stop all bleeding, warm the center and relieve depression, regulate menstruation and quiet the foetus […] by performing moxibustion, all channels can be penetrated and a hundred diseases can be eliminated.’ 

Moxibustion often indicated  for the cold patterns disease and yang deficiency condition, it is also applicable for some repletion-heat patterns. When the acupoints and moxibustion method is  applied, moxibustion can provides rapid and good clinical results in cosmetic or heath related condition.

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