Ear Seed Therapy

Auricular  acupressure therapy  is a modality that involved a placement of the seed onto the  acupressure point on the external surface of the ear or  auricle.  Ear seeds are the small pellets that come  in different form now  , traditionallty it come from the Vaccaria plant , but now it comes in different forms  from  metal,  gold or crystal form for the  aestehtic purpose. The seeds are held in place at the acupresure point  with adhesive tape and left in the ear for 3-5 days. The  auricular acupressure point maybe  pressed  for 10-20 times every few hours to prolong the acupressure effect. 

Ear seeds are small pellets that come from the Vaccaria plant that are thought to enhance the effects of ear acupuncture.  It is thought that ear acupuncture points may be stimulated for a longer period of time by using ear seeds or ear tacks. The seeds are held in place on the ear with a small piece of adhesive tape and may be left in the ear for a few days or up to two weeks. 

Aaricular acupressure point  serve as the remote control to stimulate the healing  on the remote body part that is too inflammed or painful to be treated directly. The ear points can remotely affect the flow of energy in meridianchannels and alleviate pathological condition in other parts of body.

The reactive ear point  is  notably more tender in refectiving the opathological body part. By stimulating  the  reactive point, the  qi nad blood flow of the body  is strengthened and faciliate the natural self-regulating homeostatic mechanisme of the body.

Auricular  acupressure therapy is a safe, economical and natural healing therapy. It often used  as stand alone therapy or in conjunction  with acupuncture  in patient with sugar cravig issue ,  smoking addiction, insomnia, anxiety and  muscular disorder conditions.

This modailty  has shown  great result in relieving the anxiety  with IVF and improving the outcome of IVF according to a research study published  in Scientific Report.  The study by Qu. F. et.al. 2014 reported  that " Placement of ear seeds at specific reproductive points and when stimulated by the patient throughout the day from around egg retrieval to embryo transfer, the study showed that in the ear acupressure group, clinical pregnancy rate, implantation rate and live birth rate were all significantly higher than the sham ear acupressure group and control group."


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