Cupping is a natural healing method of relieving local congestion by applying a partial vacuum which is created in cup either by heat or by suction. Fire  cupping is commonly used with the introduction of a small flame to create a vacuum or extravasates. The qi, blood and fluids are flushed to the targeted  vacuum area and perform the repairing process either to clear heat , break the qi or blood stasis , draw out dampness , activating blood circulation or tonifying the body system. It is also  effective in perform myofascial release and free trapped nerves. Cupping therapy not only frequently used in Chinese medicine therapy, it also used by the Greek Physician, Hippocrates (400BCE) and  Hindu culture. 


Cupping  technique can be used independently  or in supplement with acupuncture or massage. Although it is often used to alleviate the pain and cramping,  relief inflammation and improve blood circulation , it is also used for regulation of disturbed body functions. By eliminating the blockage of the blood and qi flow using cupping, location of the true disorder  is often unfold. The pain and cramp often relieved by stimulating the blood circulation and fasten the elimination of substances that cause pain and cramp.  


Early  sign of cold by the wind attack is also one of the few reason why people seek for cupping therapy. 

Cupping therapy is used to expel the  wind cold from the body and unstuck the qi stasis the channel  system causing body aching or headache . There are some reports on the use of  cupping in infertility with positive outcome.



There are varies  degree of suction using cupping, it is important to discuss with the practitioner about the desire outcome and preferences of not having the bruises mark on the visible area although the bruise appearance is  often desired for better therapeutic effect .

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