Cosmetic Acupuncture

When  we  research on  the facial acupuncture in the google search engine , often we found  the result  shown as  facial rejuvenation  acupuncture ,  facial  enhancement acupuncture , constitutional  facial acupuncture , cosmetic  acupuncture  or just simply facial acupuncture. Following  the definition of facial acupuncture name itself , it is straightforward to know that it is referring  to the acupuncture on the face  to  enhance and rejuvenate the face. However in  cosmetic acupuncture it cover more than just facial  rejuvenation acupuncture , but also work with patient with medical condition that  not just affect the physical outlook but also the psycho-emotional  health.  

Patient whom seek  treatment from Cosmetic acupuncture is someone who wiling to dive in deeper to find out what is the actual reason that causing the  illness that manifested the skin disorder condition and collaborate with acupuncturist to make necessary  adjustment to achieve  long lasting result from the treatment . The desired  outcome included  returning facial expression from bell's palsy,  lesser breakout from acne while managing  hormonal imbalance, lesser irritation  or breakout from Rosacea while helping  to manage  digestion issue or alchohol addiction, augmenting the facial expression  by  unlock the  qi stasis  that causing the frowning  of the face, improving the  hair loss condition while  strengthening the kidney Jing, supplement the weight  loss while transforming the dampness in the body and improve the Spleen and stomach function. 

Body Sculpting acupuncture

This  acupuncture focus on the patient who likes to improve the cellulite appearance on the  body. As we all known, cellulite is  an  appearance of  orange  peel  with lumpy  appearance due to the herniation of the adipose tissue to the connective tissue. In order  to  improve the  cellulite appearance,  exercise  is  very important to help the body to redistribute the fat in a balance manner. The aim of the body sculpting acupuncture is to  improve  the spleen function of the body,  break up the herniation  of the adipose tissue  to the connective tissue , improve metabolic rate and increase the blood circulation to the cellulite area. 

See below the  step of the body sculpting acupuncture session.

  • Empirical  acupuncture point  on body to address the body constitution issue  and  earth  element  tonification  to improve the  transport and  transforming function of spleen. 
  • Electroacupuncture on the local  cellulite area to bring Qi and blood to the cellulite area which often has  poor blood circulation and  cold  appearance. 
  • Cupping  and massage to  breakout the herniation of adipose tissue on the connection tissue. 
  • Essential  oil  is applied to  improve the  metabolic rate of  the fat

It is important to have the frequent  treatment for body sculpting acupuncture treatment to prevent the adipose tissue re-bind with the connective tissue after the  break up of the herniation . Twice a week treatment for  three weeks then once a week treatment for another four to six weeks is recommended . Treatment  ranged of  10- 12 weeks  are recommended .   

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture is now  a new trend  in Europe and American  after the  disclosure of Prince Harry  and  Meghan whom use Facial acupuncture for rejuvenation  prior to their  wedding . This  ancient  healing modality  which has  been used for three thousand of years not only  help regain the vitality  of the health but also an alternative  therapy for those who  not liking the idea of botox injection but the natural beauty that shine from inside out. 

The noun rejuvenation derives from the Latin adjective juvenis, meaning young. The usage of this particular term in the context of facial acupuncture treatments implies that the sole purpose of rejuvenating the face is to restore youthful features and appearance. Chinese medicine literature refer rejuvenation as the same as anti-aging, such as ‘everlasting life’, ‘making the complexion of rosy’, ‘making a face look like a girl’, ‘making a face look like a child’s’, ‘replenishing wisdom’, ‘strengthening will meaning resisting the aging of the mind” . The Facial Rejuvenation treatment involved the insertion of acupuncture needles into acupuncture point on the face and body based on the principles of Traditional Chinese. By needling the specific acupuncture point along the meridian channel that either begin or end on the face, the energy is manipulated to balance the disharmony.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture aims to correct the signs of aging by both local treatment and by treating the underlying causes of why an individual is specifically manifesting the aging process the way they are. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture typically involves a combination of needles placed in acupuncture points on the face and body, and utilizes empirical points, motor points, intradermal needles, threading of needles through wrinkles and/or underneath muscles.  Needling of  facial acupuncture points are used to bring qi and blood to the face, to regulate yin and yang and treat excess/deficiency. Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture is not  just about beauty, but about health. Every part of our body needs good blood circulation, moisture, free movement of fluid and ability to eliminate secretions, and no stagnation of dampness (puffy appearance). The skin however, which is the outermost covering of our body, is visible in a very large area, and therefore is the most important place to manifest beauty. 

Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture involved numerous of steps to  identify the  root cause of the manifested  skin condition. First identify the chinese medicine pattern diagnosis then tailor the constitutional facial acupuncture treatment plan using the treatment strategy as below: 

  • Traditional body acupuncture
  • Facial meridian massage and  gua sha 
  • Localised facial acupuncture
  • Individualised herbal Mask 
  • Auricular acupressure (ear seed) therapy

Generally , collagen production is  take place within  3-4 days after each stimulation using  massage or Guasha  technique .  It is recommended to  either  do home intensive Guasha or  follow up with  another facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment  3-4 days later. Recommended treatment is  twice a week for  three weeks then once  a week for another  4 to 6 weeks then monthly maintenance. 

Facial Sculpting 

This  technique  is used for those who  has phobia on needling on the face but like the  natural approach for  facial rejuvenation treatment . Numerous Gua Sha tools are utilized to stimulate the acupressure point and  invigorate the  qi and blood flow to the face. This  is a very relaxing treatment in which the practitioner  are  well trained on  the  meridian massage technique with anatomy of the facial muscle to achieve the face lifting  effect. Often the patient  find improvement of the sleep quality, tightening of the skin and better emotional state after the intensive Gua  Sha treatment

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