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In  both  western and chinse  medicine  world,  presented complains with sign and symptoms  are very important information to be included in the diagnosis procedure in order to design a prescription medication that tailor for patient condition. Western diagnosis  which  has established list of the name of the disease with specific guideline help the clinician to  diagnosed the disease . However, in Chinese medicine approach , its diagnosis gone beyond the  disease diagnosis but also the pattern diagnosis. It is said that relationship  between disease and pattern is between the tree and forest. Defining sign and symptoms of pattern are more inclusive than the sign and symptoms of disease. Sign and symptoms of disease is only part of sign and symptoms of patient’s pattern. Treating the pattern is treating the patient as a whole.  

In short, treatment in Chinese Traditional Medicine concentrates more on the body as a whole rather than the condition.  In western medicine,  ten patients with similar  condition more likely received the same treatment from  a same  doctor. However in chinese medicine practice, ten patients with similar conditions would received different form of treatment depends on their body constitution , causes of the illness , stage of recovery and emotional state. 

A thorough interview  during Chinese medicine consultation  is very important to  identify the right  pattern  diagnosis then  tailor the prescription herbs  that target the specific pattern diagnosis. It is also very important to  produce   a  balance herbal prescription  that taking care of  both the manifested  sign and symptoms and its root cause . For example   in the case of acne , often  heat clearing herbs with antibacterial effects  are  prescribed  to relief the flaring up of the acne  condition. A good practitioner would also ensure the harmonising herbs  also included to tonify the spleen or  nourish the yin  or  neutralize the middle jiao depends on the underlying  root cause of the condition. For the  acne with breakout on the chin area is often  but not always associated with  hormonal imbalance. The herbs  that  help regulating hormone  should also be included and adjust according to the stages of recovery .

There are  numerous form of  chinese  herbal medicine which are in the pill form ,  tincture form , raw herbs , paste  or   granules form.The intake of the herbal medicine can be up to months  depends of the  severity and  duration of the condition. The acute  condition for example  cold, acute diarrhea or acute  urinary tract infection usually seen a faster  result with right herbal  medicine being prescribed. It is important to discuss with your  chinese medicine practitioner on the expectation  of the treatment and actively participate on the treatment plan. 


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