Acupuncture is  an ancient  Chinese healing art that has been practiced  for more than three thousands  of years . Not only its technology of the tools has been  enhanced to today fine smooth  needle that ranged from 0.01mm to 0.35mm of  diameter, the acupuncture skills has also been  practiced  and revised  following the  clinical observation and  application for three thousand years. Traditional Chinese Medicine  treating the patient as a whole , the treatment approach is individualized  and  tailored according to patient body constitution  and presented sign and symptoms. The  acupuncture point  selected  are  derived from the treatment principle that target the pattern diagnosis. The pattern diagnosis is determined following a series of clinical examination method  by collect and recognize clinically significant sign an symptoms such as the Spirit "Shen" appearance , tongue appearance, voice, quality of the  pulse ,ten question  review the body system as a whole. 

Treatment strategies using acupuncture may include tonifying , sedating or harmonizing the specific acupuncture point. The direction of the needle insertion (following or against the flow of the channel), depth of the needle insertion, intention of the practitioner and  different manipulation  technique  will determine the  effect of that specific  acupuncture insertion . The combination of the acupuncture point  prescription could also create a different result based on the  intended  treatment principles. It is  to mention that acupuncture is  a healing art that more than just  dry needling to stimulate the   microinjury  and stimulate the repairing and healing   process. It is  working on the life force of " Qi" that run through within the channel system, cardiovascular system , lymphatic system  and also the  "wei" level which including the surface of the body . The Qi that run through  the surface of the body often experienced strongly  by the  Qi Gong practitioner  who can  felt the warmth of the hand or body during or after a session  of Qi Gong practice . 

Acupuncture in short is defined as a treatment modality that involved insertion of the needle to the specific  acupuncture  point that run along the meridian channel and achieve  therapeutic effect. Most  commonly used acupuncture strategy Is insertion of needle on the body using meridian channel system . Dry needle is another  technique  that  often performed by the physiotherapist or medical physician to the injured  muscle  or  A Shi point and stimulate the healing . Other micro acupuncture system is sometimes performed by the experienced acupuncturist who had experienced better  clinical result with specific condition . More information  can be found  in the  blog  on microsystem acupuncture. 

Despite the low clinical evidence  and the arguably  placebo  effect  of  acupuncture, many patients with psychological  disorder, muscular disorder and digestive disorder often find  relief  from Acupuncture. Since the treatment approach is individualized and targeted, it is challenging to select the patient group with similar pattern diagnosis and benefit from the same  treatment principles. This explained why most of the clinical study  in acupuncture has small sample size.  Second to the limited clinical data of acupuncture use as mainstream treatment choice, there is constant quest of the use of acupuncture in patient with psycho-emotional issue, infertility,  insomnia, pain, digestive disorder  and muscular  disorder condition. Seemingly, the holistic approach of acupuncture has a role to play in helping the patient manage the physical, mental and emotional health as a whole. 


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