Ziran (自然)is a word derived from chinese word meaning "natural state"。 It is referring to the utmost state of health in which everything live in harmonious with the nature . As the universal made of elements of earth, air, water, wood, fire and space. We human the microcosmic of the universe too made from the above mentioned elements. In the natural states, all these elements interact in the harmonious way creating thousand things with unlimited potential. The vital energy that created in this harmonious state allowed us to function in the optimal level.

In Daoism philosophy, it is important to flow in accordance with the Tao to reach the natural state. The individuality is also being recognized that no one natural state is the same for each individual, each individual is an unique being reaching the natural state in its own way. 

Here in Ziranco TCM Wellness, we provide individualized treatment approach to help you in balancing the disharmony in your body and reclaim  your natural state of being. We take into account on your body constitution, presented sign and symptoms to tailor a treatment program that specific for your condition. 


Lihyan (Chloe) Teh
Lihyan (Chloe) TehPrinciple Practitioner
Loving Life

Lihyan has been working in multiple professions  across  the health and beauty industry as  hairdresser , make up artist, pharmacist,  beauty advisor, Chinese  medicine doctor and  acupuncturist. Lihyan is passionate about helping men and women regain their vitality to help their natural beauty shine from inside and out. 

The  intensive four years acupuncture  and chinese medicine  training in  Univeristy Technology of Sydney has broaden Lihyan’s horizon on health, not only it further supplement her expertise on western pharmaceutical care but also understand the health optimization in a more holistic way. 

Lihyan further  enhance  her traditional chinese medicine  skill in  Chengdu China hospital. After the completion of the training in Chengdu Hospital, she started her adventurous journey with the aim of learning more about the wonder of life force known as “Qi” and traditional chinse medicine. Her quest for knowledge lead her to Wudangshan Mountain in which most of the Taoist Master resided.  Lihyan is very fortunate to learn Qigong from Master Tang Li Long and Master Chen Li Sheng from the lineage of San Feng tradition. Her qigong training is then further consolidated with Master Zhu who emphasized the natural style of Qigong that come from within. The highlight of the trip is the precious opportunity to learn directly from the Taoist chinse Medicine Master Wang Tai Ke. 

The quest of knowledge for Chinese medicine constantly gaves Lihyan new lens of seeing health and diseases in a better perspective. The depth of its  healing modality that focus on  the root cause of the  disharmony that   manifested the  illness is  fascinating. 

Lihyan advance her skill as a cosmetic acupuncturist to treat the patients with variety of skin conditions including rosacea, acne ,  wrinkle , sagging skin even during her university training . Her unique approach in cosmetic acupuncture is streamlined following the direct training with Dr Radha Thambirajah , Dr Vivian Tam, Eli Huang and Mark Phillips.  Her style of treatment strategies has great influences from various acupuncturist worldwidely naming Mary Wakefiled Paul Atkinson, Cole Magbanua, Thomas Richardson, Master Tung’s Style, Ikeda Matsuko, and the late J.R Wolsley.  She is also has special interest in skin disorders, gynecological disorders, pain management, digestive disorders and emotional health.

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