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This dessert  is well known for its  yin nourishing benefit to moisten the lung and sooth the dry  cough. It is  an excellent dessert to be eaten during  dry season. It is safe to be consumed for both children and elderly, the maximum dose of  Fritillaria bulb for young children is 1-2 g and adults can use up to 6g a day. Pear contains large content of moist when cooked with the steam cooking method, the yin nourishing benefit is enhanced. 

Fritillaria bulb or known as Chuan Bei Mu in Chinese has been used traditionally to alleviate cough since Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD) as noted in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica Classic). According to the Chinese Medicine principle, the bittersweet and slight cold in nature properties helps clear lung heat eliminate the heat phlegm, moisten the lung and alleviate cough. It is a popular herb that frequently found in the herbal formula in treating bronchitis,  asthma, pharyngitis, pulmonary abscess, 

In the Chinese Medicine principle, coughing can be categorized by several different patterns, this dessert often used in dry cough with lung heat,  hacking cough with little phlegm, cough from overexertion and yin deficiency, dry cough with blood. 


  • 3 Chinese snow pear
  • 30 fritillaria bulbs (Chuan Bei Mu)
  • 30-50g rock sugar 


1. Wash and core the snow pear by slice off the top 1/4 of the pear, then take a spoon to scoop out the inedible core. 

2. Place the bowl into a steamer, and steam for 50 minutes. Remove the fritillaria steamed pear from heat, serve warm.

3. Place the pears in a large ceramic bowl with 1 inch of water in it.

4. Rinse the Chuan Bei Mu, crush with a spoon, and place into the cored pear.

5. Add rock sugar and place the top of the pear back on as a lid.

6. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil, place the covered bowl into a steamer and steam for 30 to 50 minutes or until it tender.

7. Eat and drink the liquid while warm. 



Disclaimer:  This recipe is a food recipe and not a replacement of the drug therapy. Please see  herbal practitioner or doctor for specific medical consultation. 


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