Lih Yan

Lih Yan

Lihyan (Chloe) Teh has been working in multiple professions across the health and beauty industry as pharmacist, Chinese medicine herbalist, acupuncturist, hairdresser, makeup artist and beauty adviser. Lihyan is passionate in helping men and women to regain their vitality in heath and allow the beauty shine from inside out. She often works with patient with skin disorder, gynecological disorder, digestion and emotional health.

This Soup is known as She Chen Tang (四臣汤)  four minister soup which invented by a monk in Southern China, to treat four ministers who falling ill from long haul travel during the inspecting trip at Southern China with Emperor  Qian Long. 

This dessert is well known for its yin nourishing benefit to moisten the lung and soothe the dry cough

As of 8th april 2020, Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has now reached more than 1.4 million known cases, spread to 184 countries, and caused more than 80,000 deaths. Convid –19 is a type of the coronavirus that attack the respiratory system causing lung damage and further stimulating the  innate immune system to repair the damage and clear  the virus.  When the immune response function at the optimal level, it helps clear the virus and to preclude disease progression from incubation and non-severe stage to severe stages.

With  the recent hype of  facial  acupuncture  in social  media, many often wonders what facial acupuncture can  do for you.

This soup is a very popular beauty soup in everyday household in China, it is often used for beauty enhancer soup due to its yin nourishing properties.

Tremella Fuciformis is also known as Snow Fungus  or White  fungus . It is  a type of mushroom  in which  it grows from the wood log  and give the  ear appearance which explained the  chinese name  of snow fungus as white wood ear 白木耳。

Facial rejuvenation has been always my passion since young, I am a strong believer of the external beauty that come from within. The beauty in that context not just referring to the physical health but also the personality and the emotional health.

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