Why I fell in love with facial rejuvenation acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation has been always my passion since young, I am a strong believer of the external beauty that come from within. The beauty in that context not just referring to the physical health but also the personality and the emotional health. My definition of beauty is now further expanded with better understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine in which the face is the best feedback system of the inner organ and emotional health. It explained why the young girl whom have the peak of the Kidney Essence (vital substance that responsible for the growth , development and reproduction of the body in Chinese medicine) has the best skin with the 'Shen' (spirit) and beauty that radiance from their eyes and skin.

As the body started to age, the skin started to lose the lustrous of the skin and then the skin texture started to shrink and give rise to the sign of wrinkle which represent the line of wisdom as the body started to aged. Nevertheless, there are some people seem to have less wrinkle compared to others and even with the sign of wrinkle, the shen is still intact within the eyes and presented with optimal health. This intrigued me to further explore the secret of facial rejuvenation without surgery or artificial injection.

My curiosity of the facial rejuvenation acupuncture leads me to the external internship with an acupuncturist whom is also a licensed aesthetician. It is inspiring to see how the facial rejuvenation acupuncture helps the men and women not just regain the youth in their face but also their general physical health too. The customer often come in with a sole request of facial rejuvenation, but leaving the clinic feeling more empowered with better understanding of their internal organ disharmony and more than willing to collaborate with the acupuncturist in fixing their inner health, thus allow their inner health manifested through their face.

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Lih Yan

Lihyan (Chloe) Teh has been working in multiple professions across the health and beauty industry as pharmacist, Chinese medicine herbalist, acupuncturist, hairdresser, makeup artist and beauty adviser. Lihyan is passionate in helping men and women to regain their vitality in heath and allow the beauty shine from inside out. She often works with patient with skin disorder, gynecological disorder, digestion and emotional health.

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